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Black Healing Space

The Black Healing Space program is designed specifically to support the racial healing of Black Americans and African-Americans to come together as a community, express ourselves, and above all, heal.

We aim to create experiences that honor the dignity and identity of the Black Community and to heal racial trauma through restorative practices, facilitating healing spaces, community building, and providing educational resources to our participants.


Each Black Healing Space event is oriented around a particular topic or social and/or political event, and participants are invited to share whatever it is they have to say as it relates to that event’s topic. Self expression is always encouraged and never demanded. For those who find catharsis in simply listening to others, and would prefer to do just that as a part of your healing process, please know that you are welcome to attend as well. Whatever you deem necessary to heal, this forum serves as an opportunity for you to do just that.


The purpose of the Black Healing Space program is to provide opportunities and space for Black Americans and African-Americans to connect, converse and continue to heal. 


This event is for our Black and African-American friends. White allies are encouraged to support this event through financial contributions. 

Upcoming Events

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