Board of Directors & Volunteers

Swhana Bagley

Board of Directors


Swhana is a Senior Director at a fortune 100 company, having many years of leadership, negotiation, and continuous improvement experience. She is co-founder of Block Bias LLC, examining the dynamics of racism and systemic oppression. A “forever student”, Swhana also commits to sharing her learnings through mentoring and volunteerism.  

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Moira Cary

Board of Directors

Moira Cary is a human rights and social justice activist with academic expertise in white privilege and critical race theory. She is passionate about creating educational spaces to explore white identity and dismantle white supremacy in Dallas and beyond.

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Sarah Davenport

Board of Directors

Sarah is a conflict specialist and founder of Provisions for Peace. Through training and education she provides tools to help groups manage their interpersonal and intra-personal conflict. She has done local and international peace work and is currently a member of the Alternatives to Violence Project, and of an international nonviolence cohort.

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Sara Ellington

Volunteer, Young Professional Outreach Liaison

Sara is a human rights defender dedicated to individual and community learning and healing. She is passionate about the intersections of racial justice with environmentalism, wellness, and the arts. Sara also advocates for survivors of sexual violence with the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center (DARCC) and progressive politicians leading the change. 

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Monica Knight 

Secretary, Board of Directors

Monica specializes in restorative workplace practices, conflict resolution strategies, leadership, and organizational development.  She believes that it is nearly impossible to hate someone once you truly understand them. The following quotes accurately reflect how she lives her life: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” (Einstein) and “If you understand each other, you will be kind to each other.” (Steinbeck)

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Chad Pendarves 

Board of Directors


Chad Pendarves is a racial equity consultant, conflict specialist and servant leader dedicated to creating equitable spaces with dignity and prosperity for all. He wholeheartedly believes, “if we all do a little, none of us has to do a lot”. As a political and social justice activist, Chad is a proponent of bold, intersectional policies and systems change aimed at dismantling structural barriers and discriminatory norms.

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Sherice Rivas

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Robyn Short

Founder & Chair, Board of Directors

Robyn is a peace-building trainer, restorative justice practitioner, mediator, facilitator, and conflict resolution specialist. She works with communities and organizations to discover the root causes of conflicts, so they may create new and productive paths forward.

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Anja Taylor

Volunteer, Development


Anja is a passionate change-maker with expertise in grants management, technical communication, restorative justice, and conflict resolution. She has a deep desire to help others and utilizes her skills to support local nonprofits that serve to elevate the human experience. Anja strives to make the world a more just and peaceful place.

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