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Board of Directors

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Moira Cary


Moira Cary is a human rights and social justice activist with academic expertise in white privilege and racial consciousness development. She is passionate about creating educational spaces to explore racial identity and dismantle white supremacy in Dallas and beyond.

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Dionne Davis


Advocating for underserved communities, utilizing cultural humility, Dionne has thirty years of corporate and non-profit experience, with seventeen years in non-profit management and adult education and training.

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Fallon "Niko" Hunt


Advocating for underserved communities, utilizing cultural humility, and intentionally seeking best practices for social justice and quality of life for all is undeniably my purpose. Fallon strives to see change within the community and within the organizations that serve them by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Monica Knight

Monica specializes in restorative workplace practices, conflict resolution strategies, leadership, and organizational development.  She believes that it is nearly impossible to hate someone once you truly understand them.

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Mary Milnor


Mary holds a Master of Science in Accounting and purposefully incorporates her knowledge in this field as an advocate for education and social justice. She employs intersectional relationship building, restorative healing measures, and believes in progressive political and socioeconomic policies to address historical and present day social inequities. 

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Chad Pendarves

Chad Pendarves is a racial equity consultant, conflict specialist and servant leader dedicated to creating equitable spaces with dignity and prosperity for all. As a political and social justice activist, Chad is a proponent of bold, intersectional policies and systems change aimed at dismantling structural barriers and discriminatory norms


Undrell specializes in organizational leadership and development, resource management, and stakeholder engagement. He is a strong proponent of ideological change that leads to the betterment of the individual, community, and society as a whole.

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Founder & Co-Chair

Robyn is a peace-building trainer, restorative justice practitioner, mediator, facilitator, and conflict resolution specialist. She works with communities and organizations to discover the root causes of conflicts, so they may create productive paths forward.

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