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Actionable Peace

Actionable Peace is a series of small group discussions designed to deepen relationships, encourage networking, and engage discussion of current events that relate to the ongoing work of antiracism. Actionable Peace dialogues focus on fostering accountability, antiracist behavior, and self-reflection, building to an actionable end.

Our 2022 fall cohort journey will be a deep-dive into Nikole Hannah-Jones' book, The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story. We will use the concepts presented in each chapter as guideposts for developing skills for accountability, antiracist behavior, and self-reflection. 

While participation in every month’s dialogue is not required, our aim is to build a cohort of peacemakers who deepen their understanding of racial justice work and their place in the work in relationship with others who share the same commitment for justice and equity.  

Together, let’s build peace individually and collectively. 

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